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Reflecting on Resolutions

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

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Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don’t even remember leaving open. ~ Rose Lane

Does anyone ever successfully look back after the year is over and not in some way go.. “shoot, what happened to my resolution?” Well, I often times look back at the goals that I set for myself and realize that I either let up a little on them or didn’t do everything I could to fulfill my full obligations or dreams. It’s not to say that I’m disappointed in the year or that I shouldn’t be proud of the accomplishments I have had, don’t get me wrong, I love my life and all of the blessings within it. It’s just to say that for me, I will always strive for the best in life for myself and the ones I love. When all is said and done, I always see ways that I could have done better, done more of, or tried harder at. That’s the price of being a perfectionist I guess. The art of it is being able to appreciate the great things and use the things that I could have done better to turn those into positives as well.

We tend to focus on changing the unhealthy behaviors in our lives that hold us back without ever really looking past the ‘effect’ and instead focus on the ’cause’. I think if we stop trying to fix our problems by focusing on them and spend more time focusing on what makes us happy, then our unhealthy behaviors would begin to dissipate as a result of a more positive outlook.

The best New Year’s resolution we can make is to become aware of why we participate in unhealthy behaviors rather than trying to diminish the behavior itself. More often than not we try to give up bad habits by focusing on the habit itself, which is a difficult way of trying to break a habit simply because our focus is on the negative from the beginning.

It’s all about old habits of thought and therefore being. Being happy can be as simple as a choice to be. If every day we woke up and imagined the happy day before us, before too long it becomes our habit of being. We begin to expect to have a happy day and nine times out of ten, things show up that lead to more happiness. Persistence is all that is needed.

Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day. ~Author Unknown

Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

That brings me to my resolution. Let’s shoot for something that we can all be proud of. Something that will reflect on everything that we do and everyone we love and touch throughout the year. “Being happy and appreciating all of our blessings!” There are plenty of things we face throughout the year that some people let get to them. Everything from a bad beat at the table to someone that simply upsets us in our daily lives. With all of the things that I encounter throughout the year, I’m sure I could find plenty that could bother me, but what I’ve learned is that inner strength is more powerful then outer influence.

With that said, my new years resolution is to be emotionally, physically and mentally healthy. I feel that these three aspects are the most important things I can strive for within my life. I’ve prepared a little list and plan on adding to it each and every week either on my fb, twitter, blog, or on my own personal list of happiness! These are the moments, the people, and the times that have touched my life, lifted me up and given me all the inner strength I’ve needed. I would encourage anyone that lives a crazy life like mine to do the same.

• I am happy to be still alive.

• I am happy for having my cats Jace and Tesni around.

• I am happy to have a few trustworthy friends that I appreciate deeply for all the things they have done from the goodness of their hearts.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~ Marcel Proust

A special thank you to a few kind hearted souls that have gone the extra mile to bring enlightenment, happiness, and truly inspirational friendship into my life in 2013. You know who you are.

To all of you out there, I wish you all the happiness, blessings and fortune in life that I have as well. Whether you’ve seen it or whether you’re still looking for it, your life is filled with amazing moments, incredible kindness, and people that are there for you. Embrace It! ♥

Happy New Year and Best Of Luck in 2014. Cheers!

I have a feeling that it’s going to be a great one!

Restful Bliss

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Clearing my head before the upcoming WSOP. Preparing myself physically, spiritually and mentally for the grueling month ahead. Sorry to report, not much going on here!! Just looking out at all the people and cars passing by and really enjoying this down time!! Mostly I am clearing my head and taking an opportunity to step back and really reflect on the past year.

Recently, I’ve been travelling between several countries in Europe. I flew to Monaco for the Monte Carlo tournament and just decided to stay in Europe. It’s a good opportunity to clear my head for the WSOP and unwind from all of the poker and work.

I must admit, it has been enjoyable reflecting on life and recent events. I can laugh about it now, but I have really had some interesting dealings with some very shady characters. Ha-Ha. I am not going to get into detail about it but it continues to surprise me how many selfish and deceptive people there are in this world.

I don’t know, maybe my perspective is skewed as a poker player and my work leads me into more than my fair share? But what I am really happy about is my continuing improvement in letting stuff go and forgiving people. I just honestly don’t have room in my life for negativity or people who want to drag you down to their level.

I’m surrounded by so much beauty and have so many great aspects about my life sometimes I reflect back and think to myself, how did I get distracted by people who don’t offer beauty into my life or bring substantial value as a human being?

Anyhow, I am letting go of all regrets. I really believe that every experience was meant to be and creates a stronger more emotionally healthy person. And I also know that I don’t have to bring justice to people who do me wrong. Life has an interesting way of handling that for you. Sometimes, it doesn’t handle it in the timeframe you desire, but eventually life makes all things good.

“It Is What It Is”

Learn to understand the characteristics and traits of people,
and do not be so critical of them. Just accept them as they are
and you will not have any surprises happen to you
nor will you feel let down.

When you are able to grasp this, you will be free from all disappointments.
There’s an old saying… “It is what it is”

I really do believe that all of the positivity I feel about my life at the moment and all of the negativity I am stripping away from me this month will have some really good benefits for me. I may or may not win a WSOP bracelet next month. I cannot predict what will happen in the future but I do know I will come in with a clear head and a lot of good karma working in my favor.

It may be this year or it may be next year or the year after, but I really feel strongly that I am going to have a break out WSOP in the near future. I have gone thru so much and continue to forge ahead and be stronger for it and I know there is a reward for doing the right thing and living a positive lifestyle.

I hope to write another blog or two before the WSOP. I plan to fly back to Las Vegas very soon and look forward to visiting with all of my poker friends and peers and get back into the mix again. But until then, I will enjoy this beautiful view and enjoy the opportunity to reflect and cleanse. There is no better happiness than a happy soul.


How does this feel?!?

Monday, December 1st, 2008

This is how I feel sometimes!! I wanted to say a special thanks to everyone who left me positive comments about my last blog. A lot of people messaged me or sent comments to me on Twitter and mentioned how much they liked it.

Sometimes it’s difficult to expose yourself to the world in a personal way. There is an extra layer of vulnerability. I know I have had friends in the poker community go through some very tough times in a very public way.

It’s strange to be exposed to people who don’t really know you intimately and then having to hear about the negativity in the news or on a public forum where thousands and thousands of people view the gossip.

I am thinking about ways to improve this blog and share more of myself with you. Bear with me as I continue to work through some of my apprehension and expose more of my personal life with you. The hardest challenge is to find that balance between my public persona and the real me. I am always honest in every blog or interview I have ever done. I am sometimes guarded however with my responses.

I feel like there is this thin line between what is really personal and what I should share with the public. For instance just yesterday I received some very bad news about one of my half sisters in Vietnam. I have been looking for this sister for almost two years now.

This sister was basically missing or lost and I’ve been very worried about her. I go back to Vietnam frequently and nobody knew where she was. I just received some news that she is in a very tough life situation. And it’s something I cannot fix. I also have word of other relatives that are also having much hardship. The news is quite heart breaking.

I know others are going through the same type of life problems so I don’t want anyone to have extra sympathy for me. I just wanted everyone to know sometimes, I go through the exact same range of emotions as you.

I have had some recent events happen to me that are quite negative. Some business relationships and unfortunate news with friends and family. The worst part is that I have had people in my life who are aware of this and they still continue to try and take from me. The most unfortunate part about having any type of success is sometimes you have people who surround you that are strictly users.

I understand this is a part of success and now that I have been able to sustain a certain level of success and gain some wisdom, I am better at selecting the type of people I get into business with. The type of people I surround myself with. The biggest revelation to me this year was how much I distracted myself with poker and work. Instead of facing many of life’s problems, I just played more poker. Or I spent more time working on my other websites.

I understand now that I cannot run away from my problems. I came across a video which almost parallels my life perfectly. For those of you who want to know me on a more personal level, my life, pretty much looks like this:

My Love “The Story of A Diva”

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the videos. It’s pretty powerful. I have gone through many moments and times in my life where I felt the exact same way.

The holidays are a really reflective time for me. Partially because I am going through my first Thanksgiving without my father and I really want to reflect upon life and think back to everything I should be thankful for. All my Dad ever wanted for me was happiness.

I cannot help but think about that as I continue the rest of my life’s journey without him. So, in honoring his unselfish and complete love for me, I am doing my best to be positive and to be happy!

I also want to address all of the past negativity in my life. I am washing my hands of unsuccessful business relationships. I am washing my hands of being around people who are constantly taking and never giving.

At this stage of my life, I just really want to be surrounded by positive people! I want to enjoy life with people I love. And I also want to be a little less vulnerable. I want my public persona to be a little more reflective of my private life. So, this is another step in that direction. 🙂

So, lets all be thankful we have each other to share in our lives and to be positive and live out our life the best way we possibly can. And always be aware of how you affect others!!

Be a positive influence not a negative one!