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A New Vibrational Era

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

2013 feels a lot like 2012 doesn’t it? How much has changed in a day? Yet, people symbolically look to the end of a year as a time to reflect and look towards the New Year as an opportunity for a fresh start. So, with that in mind, I hope everyone focuses on what is important to them in their life and take this as a real opportunity for positive change. Elevate your level of consciousness. Remember, we are all very connected in life, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I hope you all make choices that not only benefit you but benefit others as well. Our actions and decisions vibrate throughout the World.

Our lives on this first day of 2013, is the entire sum of the physical, emotional and spiritual decisions we have made.  We are also a product of our environment and the choices being made around us. We both influence and become influenced by our environment. Our vibrations are felt by others. We send energy and receive energy constantly.

Consider a small moment of your day. How many times have you been guilty of this? You are at lunch with a friend and frequently ignore them to check your phone while they are trying to communicate with you. It is your “choice” to place importance on that phone. This one incident might not be a big deal but the accumulations of our actions add up and it paints a picture of how much we care. Ultimately, your friend will choose how to interpret your actions and that is how the world goes round. 

One of the most eye opening events of 2012 was the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. Twenty-eight total deaths that day, mostly children. This day was the result of the choices made by one person. Nothing so poignantly demonstrates the power each of us holds to negatively or positively influences the lives of those around us. And it begs us to wonder, what events lead up to this day? Could any series of human interaction changed this day?

I believe those mentally unstable and/or weak individuals that are sacrificing their lives right now are a reflection of how the lowest vibrations can affect each of us if we fail to take responsibility for not only our actions, but our way of thinking as well. They are connected to us. Somebody doesn’t just decide to do great evil one day, even the mentally ill. We do create our world by the very thoughts that we hold and the Spiritual vibrations that we carry in our hearts.  If we choose to allow our minds and hearts to get tangled in the web of deceit and lies, then negative events will manifest not only in our minds, but also impacts those people that we come into contact with in our world. 

I also feel that many people will be pushed over the edge with the constant shift in subtle energy so there will be a lot more internal & emotional conflict with people acting out of confusion and weakness. For everyone that wants the world to be a better place to live, they should raise their vibrations to a higher level to override the negativity that may develop across the news media. 

Please, everyone take a moment to reflect on your life. You may not make impulsive or drastic decisions on the scale of the Sandy Hooke Elementary School shooting but your decisions do have an impact. They do influence. You are either paying it forward or not. You are contributing to this world being a better place or you are not. Kids are being bullied every day. People commit suicide. People are being murdered. People commit adultery. Recently a 23 year old woman was attacked and gang raped on a bus in New Delhi. She died.  All of these acts cannot be dismissed by mental illness. These are acts of men and women who have deficits of love, charity, kindness, respect. The energy in their heart and soul is negative.

Collectively we share the same range of emotions with each other. We are extremely connected this way and share a sense of sameness. We have all experienced negative emotions in our life; betrayal, felt alienated, alone, depressed, despair, shame, jealous, etc. Nearly all of us have been in a dark place. We have all wanted to take revenge on somebody or contemplated it at least. We have all felt impulsive. We have all felt moments, long or short of being disconnected. In our sameness we each hold the key to provide a better life for ourselves and others. Let’s not fool ourselves, how you treat other people matters. And how you treat other people does has an impact on how they feel and treat others. 

After all, it is our state of consciousness that created our world. Expanding our consciousness goes hand and hand with raising our vibration and it needs to be our top priority if we want to enter into the Golden Age. There are many ways to raise our vibration. The most important thing we can do right now is state your intention.

To all of you out there, I wish you all the happiness, blessings and fortune in life that I have as well.  Whether you’ve seen it or whether you’re still looking for it, your life is filled with amazing moments, incredible kindness, and people that are there for you.  Happy New Year and best of luck in 2013. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a great one!

~Peace, Joy and Light of Love