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Chilipoker Team in Paris for the Team Poker Cup

Friday, March 18th, 2011

My experiences with Paris in the past have not been the greatest. I always have problems, either with the hotel or flight or weather or everything! But with a positive attitude and outlook, I was set to go back to Paris this month for the Team Poker Cup at the Cercle Gaillon. This competition will happen between poker rooms and poker communities, each represented by three members, composed both by pros and amateurs.

As one of the rooms authorized by the authorities in FranceChilipoker will take part into this competition, represented by two professional players, and one amateur.

It didn’t start out that way, though. Haha. 😉 I left Las Vegas on March 10th, and there were no problems with the flight. I also checked only one bag, so that was going to make things easier, or so I thought! I got off the plane, got my bag from baggage claim, and suddenly the airport security guys stop me and start asking questions. (Did I look like a terrorist? I didn’t think so!) When they asked me what I do for a living and I said that I was a professional poker player, that was it, they took me into a back room. They searched through all my bags, every single corner and edge of every bag, even running the bags – open with all of my belongings right there – through a scanner. Then he got to my computer bag and started to open the side zipped pocket, I was so annoyed that I said to him “stop!” Don’t open it, there’s sex tapes in there. (joking of course) Haha. 😛 I noticed the officer’s eyes suddenly lit up … Hmm I wonder why?

They still asked me questions, though. They wanted to know how much cash I had with me, so I told them about $7500 in USD and British Pounds. They counted everything and found some Euros and asked why I didn’t mention the Euros. I just told them I forgot, which was true. I was really irritated by the whole process, after about an hour they finally let me go.

I took a cab from the airport to my hotel, and the driver was acting a little strange. He kept trying to tell me to put my computer bag on the floor, but I didn’t want to put it there. He seemed really annoyed with me, and it wasn’t until I was on my way back to the airport at the end of my trip that I figure out why. That second cab driver explained to me that theft is big in Paris, and the cab drivers try to protect their fares by telling them to keep their luggage in a certain place. Oops! I wish my first driver had told me that! Even so, though, he was a little pissy, especially when I didn’t have the exact change for my ride. Oh well, I went into the hotel, and my room wasn’t ready so I had to wait. But when I did get my room, it was upgraded very nicely!

The next day was the tournament, and there were 20 teams of 3 people each for a total field of 60 people. It was a great event, actually! The team poker concept is a little different to me, but I had a lot fun with my teammates Xavier Niel, CEO of Iliad, and Lionel Rozenberg. I was seated at the featured table for part of the day, which should be shown on European television when it airs on April 1st.

(Liz Lieu with Xavier Niel)

Everyone played pretty well, even the amateurs, but that meant that I didn’t get a ton of action. There was nothing I could do, it seemed, to get calls or raises when I had hands. For example, I had K-8 of diamonds in my blind, and when the UTG players raised 2x, I called. The flop of Q-8-3 gave me a pair, but we both checked. The 5 on the turn was a blank, so I checked hoping for him to bet so I could check-raise, but he checked. The Q came on the river, and I checked again hoping for a raise opportunity, but he just checked to me! I won it with my two pair but it was a pretty small pot.

I was on a table with a few French players who loved to gamble. Two of them were running good and really on a heater, and it seemed like they couldn’t lose. So I knew to stay out of their way. On one hand, player in seat 8 moved all-in for 2800 chips, I picked up AK and decided to call. The player to my left, who had a ton of chips, puts me all-in! I mucked because I knew how he was running, and he showed A-Q. The all-in player had pocket fives. The board was A-7-3-Q-2, and that would’ve put me out of the tournament, so I’m glad I trusted my read.

By the dinner break, Xavier was out, both Lionel and I were still in, both of us had about 10k left in chips . I went to dinner with Alex, Xavier, Lionel, Antoine Arnault and his sister Delphine. We had a lovely dinner and talked about everything from poker to shoes to fashion to handbags. It was a very nice distraction, and I’m always willing to talk about those topics! But then it was back to poker, and I ended up shoving the last of my stack 15 minutes after we returned with pocket nines, but my opponent had pocket aces. And that was the end of my tournament! It was a great time, though, and I was glad to be a part of it.

The weather in Paris was not pretty. It rained almost every day that I was there, but I still got out to see some of the sights in Paris. How could I pass up that chance?! I went to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe. I also did a little shopping along the Champs-Elysees and a famous outdoor mall that I can’t remember the name of! I packed a lot of sight-seeing and shopping into those couple of days I had left of my trip, but if it wasn’t raining so much, I would have liked to have seen more of the city, walked along the Seine, and more. But I did what I could, enjoyed Paris in a way I hadn’t before, and finally headed back to the United States. By the way, it was sunny on the day I caught my flight out of Paris!

Back in Vegas, I’ve been catching up on life and news. What is the deal with Charlie Sheen, everyone? I’m finding some of his videos and tweets pretty funny, and most other people seem to be entertained too. The “tiger blood” saying is funny, and I obviously like “winning!” 🙂

Speaking of winning, I’m SO ready for spring! One of the first places I went when I got back to Vegas was to Red Rock Canyon for some hiking. I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to hike about three times each week. I’m also in the mood for more outdoor activities, so I’m going to start thinking about other possibilities for exercising and clearing my mind in the spring months. Mostly, I’m feeling a happiness and calm these days. I believe some changes in my life are in order that will lead to a very positive year, and I’m starting to put those things in motion. It could get interesting! But it’s definitely going to be “winning!”


“Bang” to “Bust” to “Bang” again… my July in Vegas!

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

What is she saying??? Well like many of you, my July began with a BANG of fireworks. As you may know, I spent Independence Day living it up Vegas style which meant fireworks under the Bellagio skies, drinks and dancing at my favorite clubs and enjoying the holiday festivities with my close friends. It was a very nice 4th to say the least.

I was well rested and prepared for the main event on July 5th, however the overall outcome was not what I hoped or strived for. I grinded it out the whole time and never hit any rushes. I wanted to be physically and mentally prepared and ready to drag in pot after pot at the event. Unfortunately, that was not the case at all. Well the dragging in pot after pot anyways. I was prepared and rested but I busted out on mid Day 3 of the event.

I started off Day 1 of the event dropping about 7500 in chips the first hand I played. I flopped two pairs and lost to a straight and a flush, which left me about 20000 in chips. But right before the break, I got pocket Q’s and went heads up against pocket 10’s. I knocked that player out and was back up to 34000 in chips. I was feeling good at break but by the time we ended Day 1, I was back to 14600 in chips.

(photo courtesy of Made In Poker)
(photo courtesy of Pokerlistings)
(photo courtesy of Pokernews)

I began Day 2 grinding it out and staying focused. I didn’t get too many good hands but managed to build my stack back up to 47000 by the end of the day. I was feeling really good and confident. In between the banging and busting, on Day 2 of the main event, I did get a chance to unwind and spend some quality time discussing business with Alex (CEO of Chilipoker) and Fabrice. Alex came out to Vegas for 8 days this month and as usual, he spent 6 of those 8 days tied up in business meetings. How does he do it? I don’t know but I do know he is a great businessman and the fact that Chilipoker is growing as fast as it is, is proof of his determination and hard work. I could not be happier!

(photos courtesy of Pokernews)
(photo courtesy of Pokerlistings)

As good as I felt the day before, Day 3 was definitely not my day! I was pretty much short stacked the entire day3, winning three all in’s to keep me alive till mid day. When the blinds got to 1000-2000 ante 300, I went all-in again with my last 30k picking up pocket 9’s on the big blind, and was up against an opponent with pocket 10’s. Needless to say, I did not hit my flop, turn or river.

(photo courtesy of Pokerlistings)
(photo courtesy of Made In Poker)

It’s okay though, things like this happen and I will continue to remain focused because I know my “rush” is coming soon!

After busting out of the ME, two days later I played in the Dream Team Poker event hosted by DPG. My Chilipoker teammates Matt Waldron (Life’s a Bluff), Anh Tran (my beautiful girlfriend), and I had so much fun playing team poker while poking fun at the other teams (and ourselves). We did not place but it was a day filled with laughs and jokes. I ended up busting out with AQ(off) when I my opponent’s 22’s! All I have to say on that note is, “I retired my jersey”. Haha.

(Chilipoker Team)

But those events are now the past and my motto is to move forward and learn from yesterday and that is what I intend to do. I am truly looking forward to and will remain focused on getting prepared for the upcoming APT Celebrity Charity and ME in Macau, and Chilipoker’s WPT Marrakesh Event this October. It is going to amazing in Morocco. A beautiful city with unbelievable scenery is going be filled with top notched poker players from around the globe. This event is going to be the best of the best playing to win and I look forward to the challenge the felt in Morocco is sure to bring.

Anyways, it hasn’t just been poker in Vegas this month. I did find time to get the most BANG out of my buck… to be continued in “Bang” to “Bust” to “Bang” again… my July in Vegas Part II!


Cinco De Mayo

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

As I am writing this blog it’s Cinco De Mayo. I hope everyone is celebrating with loved ones and friends. I am currently laying low in London and spending time with some friends in town. I will fly back to the states soon and get some rest and relaxation before this year’s WSOP.

I’m wrapping up a whirlwind schedule that ended with the Dream Team poker event at Caesar’s in late March. Quinn Do and Matt Stout were my Dream Team partners and we didn’t have much luck on our side. For my part, I went all in with pocket Kings vs. pocket 6’s and lost full house Kings full of 6’s to quad 6’s. Arrghhh.

In the last several weeks, I have participated in a fashion photo shoot, played cash games at the Commerce, travelled to London and Monaco and I’m currently in the process of revamping this website. The overall design of the website will be the same but some of the content will be updated and I’m switching out a ton of old photos with some new ones. I have also just added two wallpaper downloads which I hope you all will enjoy. 

Some of the photos that are going up are actually part of the photo shoot I did 4 weeks ago. The photo shoot took twelve hours with me going through six outfit changes and shot at two different locations. I was really pleased with how the photos came out. What do you think?

After the photo shoot, I drove to Los Angeles to visit my mom and friends and when I found the time, I went to the Commerce to play in some live cash games. It was up and down for me but overall, I managed to squeeze out a small profit.

The biggest downside of playing at the Commerce in April was it seemed to be extraordinarily slow. None of the big games were going. The games were much smaller and it was tougher to find a juicy game which sometimes the Commerce can be famous for. They always seem to have action games. Perhaps the economy is having a negative impact on poker?

Anyhow, I spent a couple of weeks in Los Angeles, before heading off to Monte Carlo, Monaco for the EPT Grand Finale. This is one of my favorite tournaments to play in all year long. Last year I missed this event because of food poisoning. I was determined not to miss this year’s event!!

In 2008, I ordered some room service from my 5 star Hotel and managed to catch food poisoning from a salmon salad. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up sicker than I’ve been in my life. I thought maybe I could post-pone my Day 1A start and play Day 1B but I wasn’t feeling any better. Alex, my Chilipoker sponsor, had to pull me out of the tournament.

This year, I managed to stay healthy and made it to the tournament. Perhaps it would have been better if I caught food poisoning again.. haha.. Jk!! The poker gods surely wasn’t too nice to me! I won a total of four hands, none of which are big pots during the nine hours of tournament play, but I did manage to make it to Day 2, despite being completely card dead on Day 1.

(photo courtesy of

On Day 2, I had just enough chips to last 2 rounds of blinds. I was dealt pocket 6’s on my very first hand of the day, blinds were 500-1000 with 100 ante, a player in early position raised to $3000, I decided this was my spot to double up or go home so I moved all-in with $11,200. The early position player called and turned over pocket Q’s. Not what I wanted to see.

I didn’t really expect to see him fold because I was short stack but I was hoping to be in a coin flip situation. Unfortunately, I was far behind and didn’t hit a 6 on the flop, turn or river and my tournament was over.

Monte Carlo wasn’t a complete waste of time, however. Monaco is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is located near the Mediterranean Sea on the French Riviera. Squeezed in between France and Italy, it’s truly a sight to behold. I really enjoy coming back here every year. I cannot think of a better location for a poker tournament.

During my stay in Monaco, I was able to catch up with my sponsor Alexandre Dreyfus. Alex and I had a nice lunch and it was so pleasant to see his smile. Alex is one of the most positive and fun-going people and he was extremely exuberant during this trip.

It was good to hear that Chilipoker is doing very well and Alex is involved in some other business ventures that have him smiling. One of those business ventures is a partnership agreement with the WPT for the first ever World Poker Tour Marrakech on the continent of Africa.

Alexandre Dreyfus, Chief Executive Officer of Chilipoker, commented in a press release distributed by the WPT, “Chilipoker is delighted to be associated with a world-renowned brand like the World Poker Tour in the creation of this unique and attractive event. With the creation of WPT Marrakech, Chili Poker also intends to emphasize Marrakech’s attributes as a highly-desirable destination for European and African poker players.”

In Monaco, I was able to meet with some key members of the Chilipoker team and discuss the upcoming Marrakech event that will take place from the 12th-19th October. I cannot release names yet, but so far we have commitments from some very high profile poker players to participate in the event. Television coverage of the tournament is also expected. Stay tuned for more details.

I also won a “last longer” bet with Alex. We both played in the Main Event and had a friendly wager on who would last longer in the tournament. I made it to Day 2 and unfortunately for Alex, he was knocked out on Day 1.

I also had a chance to do some sight-seeing in Monte Carlo since my tournament was cut a little short. The island itself is pretty small. Somebody told me only 3,000 residents actually live here but it’s a destination for some of the richest people in the world including many celebrities. The country is spectacular and the views are gorgeous.

Sorry it’s been so long since my last update. I promise the next one will be within the week and we will not go a month without another update. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed the update. Stay tuned for some interesting and entertaining journal entries. I want to write some really personal stuff over the next few weeks while I rest up for this year’s WSOP which is right around the corner. Until then, Ciao.

WPT Marrakech .. presence confirmed!

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I have some great news to share. My sponsor site, has just announced an exclusive three year agreement with the World Poker Tour (WPT). 

Chilipoker and World Poker Tour® (WPT) Launch WPT Marrakech in Morocco –

I would like to applaud Alexandre Dreyfus for putting this agreement together. I know he’s been working on it for quite awhile. If you remember back to my blog when I visited with Alex in Los Angeles, he was in town working on this deal. and WPT Enterprises announced recently that they have finalized an exclusive partnership to launch the first ever World Poker Tour® (WPT) event to take place on the African continent — WPT Marrakech. The three-year deal enables the partners to create annual televised broadcasts around the events. The first WPT Main Event will take place next October, while several satellite tournaments on Chilipoker and other rooms of the Ipoker network are authorized to qualify players online as soon as March.

For those of you who don’t know, Morocco is located in North Africa and has coast lines on the Atlantic Ocean, Straight of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. I wasn’t exactly sure either. I had an idea of where Morocco was and I decided to go to Wikipedia and look up some interesting and fun facts about Morocco.

Here is an interesting fact: Morocco is the only African Country that is not a member of the African Union. Morocco is part of the Arab league but is an Ally of the United States of America. Most people are probably familiar with one of its biggest cities, Casablanca.

Casablanca of course is a famous American film popularized in the early 40’s by such legendary actors as Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. The film won an academy award for best picture. Okay, well that’s my history lesson for the month!! Ha-Ha.

Fun facts aside, I just wanted to share with everyone this great news. The WPT in partnership with Chilipoker will play its first WPT event in Marrakech, Morocco in October and I am excited to be a part of Chilipoker and I’ve already confirmed my presence at this event in the fall. I’m hoping to see many of you there!

I also want to thank everyone who cheered me on and sent me words of encouragement during the Los Angeles Poker Classic (LAPC). If you did not hear, I did make it to Day 3 of the main event but I busted out just before the money.

(photos courtesy of and

I have been in Los Angeles for a few weeks now. Besides playing in the LAPC, I have been playing a bit online and also spending time with family and friends. It’s a rough time for many people because of the current economic conditions so I hope everyone continues to hold their head up and press forward with hope. I will update this blog again in a couple of days.


Dearest Friends .. Through Thick and Thin!

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

This is a blog dedicated to my closest and dearest friends. This is how I want to close my year out. To pay tribute to those who have been there for me through many ups and downs in 2008. These are the friends I hold closest to my heart and trust the most. The ones I can call on at 3am in the morning if I just want to chat. The ones who call me every week just to make sure I am doing well. The ones that make me laugh, or cheer me up. The friends I share my daily experiences with. The ones who tell me what I don’t want to hear simply because I need to hear it.

I suspect many of them are true friends to a lot of people because it’s simply in their nature to be trustworthy and loyal people. These are the type of people who would lend a helping hand to a person in need instead of walking away. These are the type of people who think of others first before thinking of themselves. And I’m truly blessed to have these types of friends in my life.

I am leaving for Vietnam tomorrow evening and this will be my last chance to blog in 2008. I wanted to share my gratitude with all of my closest friends.

“What is a friend? I will tell you it is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.
– Frank Crane

“Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.”
– Artistotle

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.”
– Henry Ford

“Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say.” – Source Unknown

Not in any particular order, I want to share some thoughts about the friends in my life and why they mean so much to me. I know I am going to leave a lot of good friends out and it’s not intentional. The reason I choose to blog about these particular friends is because they are the ones I hold closest to my heart and the friends I stay in touch with the most frequently, the friends that have been there when I was going through some health problems. The friends that have been there for me through thick or thin and I communicate with very frequently.

Doc –
I met Doc years ago in California and he is truly one of the most sincere people I’ve ever met in my life. Doc goes out of his way to call me and check in on me on a regular basis. Doc is a very genuine and good hearted person and one of the most positive people I know. Doc is a very happy and uplifting person to be around. It’s almost impossible not to be in a good mood when you are around him. We also share a desire to do charity work and just recently the same passion for photography. A million thanks is not even enough to express my gratitude for the genuine friendship he has given me and the help he has offered me through some real tough times.

Alex Dreyfus – 
Alex is also a very sincere person and probably has done as much for me in the past two years as any single person. Alex of course owns Chilipoker and has treated me like family right from the very beginning. Alex is the reason I gravitated towards Chilipoker when I had other options on the table. Alex is one of the smartest people and intelligent business mind I have come across. Alex is very motivated and has quite a sense of humor. He is another uplifting person to be around and I want to personally thank him for continuing to support me as a poker player and more importantly as a person.

Zach –
I met Zach in Singapore during the Betfair event in 2006. At the time Zach was a college student and came up and introduced himself to me. Eventually we became friends and Zach became my web guy. Prior to Zach, I was having lots and lots of problems with my web people. I was getting overcharged and the sites weren’t built to specification or maintained consistently. Zach, unbeknownst to me was privately building a website for me and later showed it to me. I was impressed with his work and offered to pay him for it and he didn’t want money for it. He simply wanted to help out because I was having so much difficulty with the last two guys. I eventually hired Zach and he has been my main Web guy ever since. Zach has really done some fantastic work and has improved tremendously with his web designing and programming skills. I am truly happy to see him expand his business interest by starting his own web design company called theWebChap. I would highly recommend Zach’s work to everyone. Over the last couple of years we have become very close friends. I consider Zach like a younger brother now. Zach goes out of his way to maintain my website and is always available 24/7. Zach is another person who is very giving and loyal.

Chesty –
I’ve known Chesty for a couple of years now and I tell him he’s the most expensive friend I’ve ever had!! I had a failed business relationship with a PR firm Chesty was working for and it cost me tens of thousands of dollars. In retrospect I would do it all over again because Chesty is truly one of a kind. Chesty has always lent me his ears whenever I needed someone to listen to all my bitching and whining to vent my frustration without any complaints. Chesty is the joker of all jokers, who never fails to crack me up with all his comical remarks and wittiness. Chesty has inspired me to view every situation with a optimistic aspect due to his positive outlook. Even though he’s the priciest friend I’ve had, he’s worth every penny. Chesty’s loyalty and sincerity are his strongest aspects. Chesty and Doc are probably the most positive friends I have.

Cathleen, Jackie and Tiffany –
I want to thank the three sisters. Cathleen is a very successful cash game player that I met years ago in California. We often play the same limits and she has become like extended family to me along with both her younger sisters Jackie and Tiffany. Jackie is like the mother hen of the group. She is the one who always keeps us in check. What I love most about all three sisters is that they have always been very real with me and keep me grounded and humble. None of them will hesitate to call me out or tell me when I am wrong about something. Collectively they are super honest but through thick or thin they always show me unconditional love. The three of them are very private and maintain a tight circle of friends but once you are in that circle you are treated like family. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate having each one of the sisters in my life.

Eddie Ting –
I originally met Eddie while playing high limit poker at the Bellagio approximately 5-6 years ago but according to him I wasn’t very nice back then. My sister also plays pretty high limit cash games and apparently she was much friendlier to Eddie and eventually they became friends. Eddie still refers to me as the mean one. In my defense sometimes when I am playing poker I am not there to socialize and just want to play poker. He-he. Over time we have developed a great friendship. Eddie is a businessman from New York. He is extremely smart and very intelligent in his business ventures. Eddie has been a good support system and has been there for me when I needed some encouragement.

Neal Wang –
I also met Neal playing high limit poker many years ago. We didn’t really start a friendship until about 4 years ago despite knowing of each other much earlier. I heard a lot of great things about Neal before we became friends. Anyone who has ever encountered Neal can speak to how genuine and nice of a person he is. I know Neal would bend over backwards to help out somebody in need. I have seen him help out many people in the poker community when they needed a helping hand. And nobody else understands me on a spiritual level like Neal does. We are very similar in our spiritual beliefs and Neal relates to me on that level better than anyone else. The way we approach life is very similar and we share many commonalities. Neal is also a very successful business person.

Quinn Do –
Is a professional poker player I met several years ago at the Commerce. When I first met Quinn he was an up and coming pro. He is one of the very few people I have ever helped out with their limit holdem game and he has gone on to be a very successful poker player winning lots of money on the tournament circuit. Quinn is a very encouraging person and I always enjoy running into him. I believe I will see him next in the Philippines for the upcoming APT event. Quinn is a very good hearted person and is the type of person that will always be there if you ever call on him. Quinn is another person who is just very sincere and loyal and I really respect him as a person and glad he is succeeding in life.

Craig Cunningham –
Is a family man, businessman, and poker blogger that I have known for several years. Craig is always looking out for my best interest and gives me terrific advice. I can always bounce ideas and thoughts off Craig and he will be very open and honest to me. He is another person that is just very open and transparent. I talk to Craig frequently and he is the type of person that is always supportive of me but unabashedly honest with me. Craig is also loyal and a very intelligent person. Most importantly, Craig simply cares about me as a person.

Tim Lavalli –
I’ve known Tim for quite a few years now. Tim is another caring and loyal person. We share many similar thoughts about spirituality. Tim is another person in my life that is very open and honest with me. Tim is very involved in the poker business behind the scenes and is very successful. I respect his intelligence and the way he handles himself personally and in business. He is the type of person I respect and I am constantly bouncing ideas off. I enjoy talking to Tim about the business of poker but we also share a personal bond that includes having terrific conversations about life and through thick and thin, along with everyone else, he has been there for me frequently.

Lisa Cripe –
I met Lisa through friends in the poker community. Lisa does public relations and isn’t really involved in the poker world but has many friends in the poker community. Lisa is one of the most honest people I have ever met in my life. She is super honest with herself and around others. Lisa is a true friend that I know will give me honest advice whether I like it or not and always give me honest feedback about anything! Lisa’s greatest attribute however is her loyalty!! When I was going through my surgery earlier in the year, she was always the first person to call me out of all my poker gal friends. Lisa checked in on me probably more than anybody else.

My Family –
I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for my family. I want to thank my Dad (rest in peace) for instilling confidence into me. I want to thank my mom, sister, and brother-in-law for always being available and showing support of what I do for a living. I want to thank my other sisters and brothers for demonstrating unconditional love and to my nieces and nephews for showing me random acts of love and kindness. We can all choose our friends but we are born with our family and I am thankful for the family that I have. More than anyone, my family keeps me grounded and humbled because there isn’t anything I can do in the poker world that would impress them. I would still be the same person and they would treat me like the same person I was 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago. With family, nothing ever changes no matter how successful you become and there is something very refreshing and humbling about that.

These are some of my closest and dearest friends! I have many other friends in the poker community. I have many friends outside of the poker community. People I have shared great times with and have a great bond with. People I respect tremendously and should probably get honorable mention in this blog but I fear I would leave somebody out and the list would be too long so this blog was intended for those that were with me every step of the way in 2008 and demonstrated the most unselfishness and unconditional love. The ones I could count on the most and the ones who never asked for anything from me except mutual respect and mutual love.

Happy New Years everyone!


What a Weekend!! Whew…

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Picking right back up from where I left off. I made the short drive to the Bellagio to meet up with my friends to go to The Bank. When I arrived I ran into Eric Morris, Owner of Bluff Magazine and Justin Bonomo. I have never met Justin until then. They were waiting on Lacey and Christina.

I decided to book my own table separately on the dance floor since I had out of town guests and decided to invite a couple of girlfriends. It turns out our tables were very close. Jeff Madsen, Nenad Medic, Brandon Cantu, Tiffany Michelle, Maria Ho, Justin Bonomo and Rick Fuller were just a few among many other poker players that decided to come out for the Bluff Party.

(photo courtesy of Spy On Vegas)

We settled in around 11pm and ordered three bottles of Vodka. I don’t drink at all, typically, but I did have half a shot with Nenad towards the end of the night. It was one of those type of nights. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits. The WSOP Main Event was just a day away and I decided to celebrate the occasion.

(photo courtesy of Spy On Vegas and Napkin Nights)

Most of the night everyone bounced back and forth between the different tables. I also ran into the entire Asian Dragon APT Crew, Quinn Do, Nam Le, JC Tran, Steve Sung, as well as Martin Elliott and Tom Hall of the Asian Poker Tour. They had a few tables as well Saturday night. I am a big supporter of the APT and I plan to play in several events.

(photo courtesy of Spy On Vegas)

Sunday was really uneventful. It was a complete recovery day from the two nights before. A chance to catch up on errands. Check emails. I pretty much stayed in my home the whole day and ordered Mexican take out to be delivered to my place.

Now it’s Monday and I just returned from taking my mercedes into the dealership for some routine maintenance and oil check. I plan on driving to Los Angeles tonight. My Chilipoker Sponsor, Alexandre Dreyfus, is in Los Angeles for a few days. I want to catch up on some work with him while he’s in town.

Most of our correspondence in the past month has been over Skype or phone so this is a good chance to meet up with Alex because we are both travelling so much and he is always busy with work. Alex is truly one of the most intelligent business people I know and has a great sense of humor. I look forward to seeing him again.

And I promise you some poker blogs are coming soon!! 🙂