Where In The World Is Liz!

I know that my blogs haven’t been too regular over the past few months, and for all of you who check in regularly, I’m sorry that I haven’t been doing regular updates. Things have been crazy for me this year with both my business and personal life. I can’t get into too much detail – It would for sure take days! But I can say that with a lot of travel, the move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the tournaments and cash games, and tons of business – a lot of it I take care of myself – I’ve been swamped.

In the past month or so, I haven’t even been hitting the cash games in Vegas because of my hectic schedule. Between the tournaments in London and everything else, I’ve been busy. But I’ve come to the decision that it’s a good thing for me to take a break sometimes. And I’m doing a little of that right now. I’m taking this month before the WSOP to wrap up some business deals, get my new condo in order, and try to find a little time to just relax before the craziness of the WSOP begins.

I do have a few good things in the works that I will talk about as soon as the deals are done. But right now I want to mention that I’ve signed on to play in the Ladbrokes Poker Millions in London. I’m really enjoying these recent trips to London, and I’m looking forward to going back, especially for another Ladbrokes tournament.

Also, the new issue of Maxim Total Poker, the July issue, is out, and I’m so excited to be on the cover! This magazine accompanies Maxim distributed in Europe. It’s only about poker, so there are no racy pics in it – Sorry! But take a look if you get the chance!

For now, I’m off to Los Angeles for a one-day business meeting, then back to Vegas. I’m hoping I’ll could make it back on time to play in the main event at The Mirage. So much for relaxing, huh? There are still a little more than two weeks left before the WSOP, so I can still try! Take care, everybody!

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