$20,000 Buy-in Party Poker Premiere League Poker – Updates

I’m finally in London! I arrived here on the 25th of Feb at about 3:50pm. The London airport was like a zoo. It took me about an hour to get through customs and get my luggages. My agent Stephen Pearson was nice enough to pick me up from the airport and drive me down to Maidstone, Kent where this $20,000 Buy-in Party Poker Premiere League Poker is being filmed. After arriving at my hotel, I attended a press meeting and media kick-off to the event. After chatting with everyone for awhile I decided to call it an early night so I could get some rest and be prepared for tomorrow’s match.

I was on the scheduled to play my first match with Tony G, Phil Hellmuth, Andy Black, Kirill G., and The Devilfish.. what a line-up eh?!?. From tomorrow on you will be able to track all the action live on the net at www.PokerNews.com As for today’s action there is not an Internet connection set up so here’s how the first heat was played out…..

There was a lot of table chatter and psychological warfare before even the first card was dealt. A lot of good material was left on the greenroom floor when The DevilFish had a go at just about everybody. Telling Kenna why don’t I go back to Brokeback Mountain. And something to Andy Black about wearing a sheet (Andy was a monk for 5 years). Let me just say.. there was definitely ALOT of trash talking going on! Anyway, when the competition began the DevilFish continued to mix it up in almost every pot. I caught a number of consecutive great starting hands and during the second level I happened to get tangled in a heads-up pot with DevilFish when he was in the big blind. I picked up A(s)Q(c) I made a medium size raise, everyone mucked except for DevilFish. The flop came A K 6 (all diamonds) the turn comes a 7(c). DevilFish tried to bully me around, by check-raising me all-in on the turn, DevilFish gave just a little too much info away on the hand by making a comment to me “You must have KQ with the Q of diamonds huh?” that comment was enough for me to call his all-in raise. DevilFish turns over A4 (off.. no diamond redraw) and he was crippled and never quite recovered. There was a lot of back and forth early but mostly forth to my stack which continued in a an upward direction all night as I amassed 400,000 of the 600,000 chips in play. Tony G was first out, then it was the DevilFish in 5th, Kirill in 4th with an untimely move in with AQ(c) vs. my AK(h). Andy Black held on for a long time after a real bad beat but ended up getting caught on an all-in move against me with QJ. I made the call, which was about a third of my stack with KQ which held up and found myself heads up with Hellmuth with a 480 to 120 chip lead. About 12 hands into the heads-up match with Phil.. I picked up QQ’s on the button, I raised it 40k then Phil moves all-in for about 84k more. I immediately called! Phil turns over KJ(off) against my QQ’s.. The flop comes.. J J K, turns a blank, rivers a blank. Phil doubles up… What a flop eh?!?!? I lost about 5 consecutive hands to Phil after that. I made one mistake during my heads-up play with Phil, I picked up KJ(c) on the button, I decided to smooth call instead of raise, Phil checks the big blind. The flop comes Q 9 8.. Phil checks, I bet out 28k, Phil calls my 28k and raised another 40k.. which leaves Phil with about 100k left in chips. I made a bad read and decided to move all-in. Phil calls my all-in and turned over QJ(off) the turn comes a 7(c) which gave me more outs.. any clubs, K, or 10 on the river would end the match, but unfortunately the river came a A(s) and Phil doubles up again which leaves me now short stacked with about 150k in chips. A few hands were played back and forth a few times but I think the hand that broke my spirit was when Phil moved all-in with 44’s and I called with KQ(d). The flop fell T/8/8. The turn was a 10 and of course the river had to come an 8. Instead of doubling up.. It had to end in a chopped pot! Phil ended up winning the match, winning $8,000 and more importantly the 8 points that’s included with winning the heat. I received $6,000 and 6 points. Andy 3, Kirill 2, DevilFish 1, and Tony G no points.

I start my second match again today at 11am.. I’ll keep you updated!

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