Bringing Home LA Poker Classic Trophy

Didn’t I say that this was looking to be a good year? 🙂

When I rounded out 2006 with the Bellagio Five Diamond tournaments and didn’t cash, I took some time off from the tournament circuit to focus on family and business. I partnered with my fabulous agent, Stephen, and felt that some great things were in the works for 2007. Those things are still in the negotiation process, and I hope to have some other announcements soon.

As for poker, since I’ve been in L.A. since the holidays, I did spend some time playing cash games at Commerce. I had some good sessions and not-so-good sessions, then the LA Poker Classic came to town. I intended to play some of the events and finally decided on the $1000 No Limit Hold’em tournament earlier this week.

On Tuesday evening, I went back as I was one of the final 36 players left in the tournament, and we ended up playing all night. The field was very tough, not many well-known pros but most were very experienced, solid players. The event finally ended at 6:30am on Wednesday, we were all exhausted, and I took home the championship trophy and prize money!!! Woo-hoo!!!

I’ve been playing tournaments for a few years now, and though I did win a Limit Hold’em event at the 2006 LA Poker Classic, I had been working really hard and improving my game in the hopes of winning another event. This win was good for me in so many ways and came at a really great time for me.

As I’ve done in the past and will continue to do, 20% of my prize money will be donated to my charities, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to do this. I devote whatever time I can to charities, but I know that money is necessary for these organizations to do their research and really help people. Being able to keep my promise to donate a percentage of my winnings is an awesome feeling!

I just want to say that I appreciate all of the support from friends, family, and people who understand that poker is a tough game, and most people can’t win all the time. So, I love that people support me when my name isn’t in first place on the tournament results, and it’s nice to get the congratulations messages when my name is there. Thanks for supporting me through everything, and I truly believe that there will be more “firsts” this year!

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