I’m Back and Exhausted!

After 19 hours of flying I’m back everyone. I landed in LA. a few hours ago and so glad to be back. Thanks to all of my friends and fans for the kind words of support while I was in Singapore and Vietnam. No time to rest however! I will be up all night doing some work and catching up on everything I missed while I was traveling. Then I’m off to Vegas tomorrow to participate in the Five Diamond World Poker Classic at the Bellagio on Saturday. I will try and participate in many of the smaller events that lead up to the Main Event. The main event begins Thursday, December 14th. John wanted us both to drive to Vegas tonight! He’s crazy. After 19 hours of traveling that’s the last thing I wanted to do. Luckily for John, he slept most of the way back to LA. and he should be rested!! LoL.

Right now it’s so good to be back with everyone I love in the States. I’m feeling so very lucky to have gained additional perspective on life in my travels. Despite being tired and exhausted I feel grateful for the experience.

And I cannot say enough about the wonderful people of Singapore and Vietnam. There were so many lovely places and fantastic people I met along the way and I am definitely a better person for it. I look forward to going back again, even though I can’t see straight right now due to exhaustion!!

The last few days in Vietnam were spent with my Dad. We spent quality time talking and catching up. It was rather uneventful however in terms of sight seeing or venturing out. My Dad spent most of the time in my hotel room watching me work on my computer. Sorry Dad! The internet connection in Vietnam was a crapshoot to say the least. One moment the internet connection seemed to work fine. The next moment it took me 3 hours to log on to the internet! Aaargh. So, if I didn’t respond to your comment. Now you understand. I had some technical difficulties!! I did get to wrap up my trip by going out to dinner with my Dad, his companion and John on the very last night. We had one last moment to reflect on the trip.

Now it’s off to Vegas and back to playing some more poker. I haven’t had the chance to play as much poker as I would like, so I’m really looking forward to getting back into the action again!

For those of you that will be at the Bellagio during this 2 week event.

I will see you in Vegas! For everyone else that has been checking in on me. Thanks again for all of the emails and support! I hope to get back to everyone once I get caught up again. Take care everyone!!

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