Wonderful experience in Singapore!

I’ve been having a wonderful time in Singapore! This entire trip has been a great experience, and I’m so glad that I was able to come here.

An unexpected development was being interviewed by several people, including two Chinese newspapers! One was called “The New Day” newspaper, and the other one was all in Chinese print, so I don’t know yet what it says, but I’m getting it translated. I was on the front cover of the paper. Cool!

This BetFair tournament was absolutely fantastic! I was very impressed by the way they accommodated all the players and the effort that they put into this event. The event was held in the hotel because there isn’t a casino around here, but they set it up very nicely. And there was a huge crowd! Lots of big names showed up, too – Tony G, Gus Hansen, Mel Judah, and my Martins Poker teammates John Phan and Harry Demetriou.

The event started on Wednesday, and I had a very up-and-down first day. I faced several bad beats… The worst one was when I flopped top set of tens. My opponent went all in with pocket K’s, I called, and he rivered a K to beat my set. Argh! I was down to about 2000 in chips after that horrible hand, but I built my stacks back up. Then another bad beat, then building my chips again. Very frustrating day! I ended the day with 23,600 in chips, but I was simply exhausted.

I went into the second day hoping for a better run of cards, but it didn’t happen. Early that day, I was definitely one of the shorter stacks when I looked down and saw 99’s. I moved all in and the player to my left also went all in. What did he have? Pocket Aces! With no help from the board – of course! – I was out of the tournament 75th place. Very frustrating!

I do want to mention that Harry did make it into the money and chose to donate 20% of it to a local charity here in Singapore. Yeah, Harry!

Today, I’m packing and finishing up some business before I head to Vietnam. I’ve been lucky to have good internet service here in Singapore, but It’ll be a different story in Vietnam. That may be a blessing in disguise, though, because I really need some down time – a little relaxing time with my dad will be good. And the volunteer work that I’ll be doing is going to be good for my soul.

I’m very excited to get going, and I hope to get an update to you (somehow) from Vietnam. Take care…

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