My Gift To You

I have always tried to thank those of you that support and encourage me with all the things I do…poker, business, charities, and life in general and the truth is I feel like I am not doing enough to really show you all my gratitude and appreciation. There are many of you that send me emails and respond to my blogs that I may never get a chance to thank in person and that got me to thinking…(yes, that can be dangerous sometimes) hehe j/k All kidding aside, I have been thinking about what more I can do to show you all how greatful I am for your kind words and inspiring faith. I told you all about something in the last blog I wrote and that has a lot to do with what I came up with. I had such a fabulous time at the Trent Tucker Charity Event but the one thing that did sadden me was when I walked out and was only able to give 2 of my posters away (that was all that I had with me at the time). I was so shocked that so many of you there really wanted them. And like I said, I had to have someone else pick the 2 people to give the ones I had in hand away because I just could not choose between all the people that wanted them. Had I had enough of my posters there…I swear I would have given them to all of you. I was touch beyond words can describe.

So this is what I came up with and this is what I am going to do…(I think this is fair.)

I AM GIVING AWAY 50 OF MY POSTERS FOR FREE!!! If you want a poster…this is what you need to do: (The FIRST 50 PEOPLE to do this WILL get the POSTER OF THEIR CHOICE.) It’s simple…

Go to my CONTACT PAGE and enter your FULL NAME and ADDRESS in the and tell me which Poster you would like. (Please write the name of the Poster–each Poster has one.) THE FIRST 50 NAMES I TAKE WILL BEGIN AT: 8AM TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2006 And that is it! See, I told you it was simple. 😉

Just so you know, I got a chance to sign half of the posters and those will go out randomly. I also know that 50 Posters is not a lot and I’m sorry that I can not give one to each and everyone of you but the truth is, I have a business partner in this that has worked hard and help me a lot and it would not be fair for her. And I’m afraid she would probably strangle me if I gave them all away…lol But I did want to do something that I hope shows you all my deepest gratitude and appreciation–I didn’t want to just say it.

And if you are wondering what is going on with me on the poker front.. Right now I am in Atlantic City trying to relax (but really working) in my hotel room and will be playing in the $2500 No Limit Event later today. Tomorrow I will be playing in the $5000 No Limit Event and then on the 15th is the 10k Main Event which is what I’m really here at The Borgata for. I then am off to ARUBA for more……yes, you guessed it “TOURNAMENTS”.

As always, “See you on the felt and THANK YOU!”

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