Trent Tucker Knows How To Throw A Charity Event!

What a great event! I’m here Minnesota, where I arrived yesterday… BTW, I got no sleep the night before because I was getting my hair done – back to blue! But I was excited about this event, so I was ready to go when I landed. I checked in to the Marquette hotel – I think we’re in downtown Minneapolis – and then I limos and BMW’s came to pick us all up. It was a 45-minute drive to the Canterbury Park Casino, but of course, our driver got lost and took us to the wrong casino! lol We drove around for about ? hour until we finally got to Canterbury Park. Whew – we made it!

We walked the green carpet. Yes, they wanted to do something different and not have the normal red carpet! There were lots of fans there, along with the pro NBA and NFL athletes, and Michael Jordan was the last to arrive – coming in style as usual! After everyone socialized for a bit and had some great appetizers and other food and drink, we sat down to play the charity tournament. Each table had at least one poker pro and one pro athlete, then people who donated $2500 to the charity sat down to play with us. More than 120 people played! It was SO much fun.

Then there was an auction with lots of items, but there were two big things auctioned off. One was a poster of The Trent Tucker Charity Event that was signed by all of the pros and celebrities, and the other was a motorcycle that we all signed, which ended up being bought by Michael Jordan for $50,000! The winner of this charity poker event was…….. uh huh……. Michael Jordon!! Congrats to you MJ.

I also got to see my actual posters that are sold in my store for the first time. It was worth it to put so much time into getting them right because they are great quality! I had six of them with me – three of the swimsuit posters and three of the orange crush posters. I ended up giving four of them away during the tournament, but on my way out with two left, there were over 20 fans asking me for autographs and posters! I was so flattered, but I only had two left! So, I asked a gentleman that was on his way out from the tournament event to choose two people to give the posters to. He turned around and randomly pointed at two guys. LOL!

We left the casino and went to a nightclub called Karma, where the VIP party was held. There was a glass-enclosed VIP area for us, and it was jam-packed!

It was a great time, though! I just have to say that Trent Tucker and his fianc?e were so lovely to me… They made me feel so welcome, and I was so glad that I could help raise money for his charity. There’s nothing better than being able to give money to people who use it to help others, and Trent is definitely one of those people who gives back to kids and the community. The Trent Tucker Non-Profit Organization does great things to inspire youth. His programs, specifically the Trent Tucker Youth Program, give kids self-esteem and self-respect, helps them make positive choices in life, and helps them develop goals for their future. He also organizes after-school programs and activities for grades 6 – 8. The kids are taken on field trips, taught to help each other through rough times, and exposed to career choices and opportunities that will help them as they get older. What a great program! Trent cares so much about his kids and tries to raise money for his organization through events like the one I am attending. Everyone should go to for more info! I’m so inspired by his generosity and everyone who came to this great event!

Today, I overslept a bit, considering I hadn’t slept in two days, and unfortunately missed the car to take us to the golf tournament at Rush Creek Golf Course this morning. (Golfers get up too early!) But I will be ready for the activities this afternoon and tonight, then I’m off to the Borgata tomorrow to play some serious poker!

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