Yes I know….FINALLY! I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding. I did come across a few unexpected delays but my store is now OPEN. Come check it out and I hope you all like the posters I picked for the store–those pictures were the ones I got the best feedback on.

Now onto my thoughts and ramblings…

Like I have said, “Things have been so CRAZY for me!” I have been trying to accomplish so much in such little time and all of it seems never ending. Do you ever feel this way?

I mean, it’s like as soon as I take care of one task, another new task comes up to take its place. I’m trying my best to accommodate everyone while taking care of business deals and focusing on poker but the truth is, it is so overwhelming. From the time I wake up in the morning to the time I go to bed at night, I have been constantly working on a project or playing in a tournament. This may sound childish, but many times I wish I could stop time so I could just lay in bed and think about nothing work or stress related…no business, no poker, no phone calls to make, no answers to give, no projects to complete, no deals to contemplate. That way, I would be able to take as long as I needed to rest my mind–yea, that would be nice. I know my “wish” is unrealistic to say the least…. but man, lately that is my most desired “fantasy”.

A good friend of mine says that I’m a “workaholic” and that is the problem. She says I’m one of those people that wish for a calm life but probably would go CRAZIER if my “wish” ever did come true. Maybe she’s right….

Maybe the hectic and sometimes chaotic days I have are my driving force to succeed. Maybe I’ve become so used to being constantly busy that I do not know how to relax completely. Afterall, I did just get back from vacation and if I am honest with myself, the truth is, even while I was on vacation I did focus on work a lot. “AHHHHH!! What do I do????” lol

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