MartinsPoker Main Event Begins

Today is where it begins for some real poker. The tournament was scheduled at 7:00 pm, and I was running really late but luckily I got there mins early (Whew). When I walked into the cardroom it was full of great players, majority of the players were from Europe. I couldn’t even spot 1 (fish) player that was in that room. The tournament ended up with 60 players that entered and the 1st prize was 100k euro. The event will play out 9 players. I was sat in a real action table with Martin on my right and Johnny whom people had said he is also one of the best no limit online players. It was a really tough field. Every player on Team Martins will in action and Martin had announced to everyone that whomever happens to knock out one of Team Martins players will receive 1k euro as a bonus. Unfortunately 4 members of the team got knocked out with six still remaining and will … resume play on Sunday since we had to skip Saturday to attend the K1 Ultimate Challenge Fight where MartinsPoker was the main sponsor. I ended the night with 26,300 in chip, that’s a little below average but it’s still a fair amount of chips to work with when play resumes on Sunday. Check back as I will be giving updates for the entire MartinsPoker Festival Event.

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