Victory !!!

Day 3 Heads Up Event- Final Day – Well this is it folks, the final match. And as Erik and I are at one match a piece I knew it would be an interesting battle. The night started with the chips shifting very evenly between us but in general I was up $30-40,000- then it shifted his direction for a while- up $30-40,000: spectators even said it felt slow. About 2 hours into play, the action started and I got down to $25,000 in chips. While it seemed like the match would soon be over, I maintained my focus and grinded on for about an hour to get back in good shape with my chips. At dinner break, about 10 p.m. I was only up about $20,000, so, close to even. It felt like I really had to work for every hand, and every once in a while the cards were friendly.Seven hours after we started the match, it concluded with my win. I cannot explain to you how excited I was as my Martins Poker team members were there supporting me and cheering my on throughout the event, and now they were there to share the victory. So, all in all- the final count is- Liz 2 vs. Erik (just 1- versus 1-2-3!) Thanks Erik for a challenging match! For specific blog results go to and there will be video footage on beginning Tuesday (yes, tomorrow). Thanks to Mike and the team at Action Television. Also a big thank you to Kathy and the amazing team at the Venetian Poker Room- the room is beautiful, the staff was friendly, and accomodating- they are really focused on creating a great poker experience!

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