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Happy New Year!

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Happy New Year! For those of you confused, today is Chinese New Year, one of my favorite times of the year. It’s been great to be in LA as the New Year approached, spending time with my girlfriends and playing cash games all night long.

I’ve only played one $1k tournament at the LA Poker Classic. Commerce has flattened the payout structure, bumping up the money for those who just cash while lowering the winner’s prize. I’ve just avoided the tournaments and have been playing the regular $400/800 game. It is playing so wild, I love it!

The games have really been full of action and big swings for some of the players. Being up or down $75k is fairly standard in this game, and I’ve come close to some really big nights. Maybe I’m a little greedy, I don’t know. I’d get up to nine stacks of $5k each and try to get that tenth before quitting, then I’d leak it down, then build it back up to nine stacks again! These games are so juicy, it’s hard to leave.

It really has renewed my enthusiasm for poker and cash games, and I’m glad I’ve spent time in LA. I also got to spend some great time with one of my best friends, Cathleen Tran. It was her birthday this week as well as her son’s, and her party has become an annual tradition for us, a truly genuine time just to be together and do the things we love. Fashion, new trends, clubs–all girl things!

And if you see me around, you’ll probably notice something different about me-my hair color. I went six weeks with purple and now have gone back to brunette. Changing my hair keeps me feeling fresh and alive again, just like a butterfly! Hehe 🙂

Until next time everyone! Cheers!