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Oh What A Month It’s Been!

Friday, September 21st, 2007

First off I’d like to congratulate Annette”Annette_15″ for beating 362 players to win the first WSOPE bracelet. Who says women can’t play poker huh? I have been hearing great things about her and I couldn’t be any happier to see a woman take down a main event.

Now I’m gonna go back a bit to the EPT Barcelona event. I arrived in Barcelona two days before the main event started and met Alex Dreyfus (my sponsor at ChiliPoker) for the first time. We sat and spoke for awhile in the hotel lounge, then Alex took me to the casino where the tournament was being held to check out the environment and also to buy me into the event. We then later met up with Fabrice and Jules for dinner at a trendy french restaurant.

The next morning I had arrangements to go sight seeing with Alex, Fabrice, and Jules and to also do an video interview for Made In Poker with Fabrice. I had a wonderful time seeing the city of Barcelona and they all made me feel so comfortable to be around them.

The next morning I woke up at at 10am, first thing was turn my computer on and check what games were going on ChiliPoker so I could play for awhile and warm up before the tournament started. I played for a couple hours and ended the session on the plus side.

The tournament started at 5pm, I didn’t start off too well. I flopped a set a couple time but both times got ran down with my opponent catching a straight and flush. There was one particular hand that made me sick to my stomach. I picked up 10 10’s under the gun and decided just to limp in with three callers calling behind me. The flop comes A 10 5 (rainbow). I decided to slow play my set so I checked my option and the three callers behind me checked also. Turn comes an 8… (A 10 5 8). I bet out 800- the player behind me calls the bet and everyone else mucks. The river’s a 6- The board now is A 10 5 8 6. I bet out 800 again, then my opponent thinks a bit and decides to make a raise to 3500. I was quite shocked as to why he would make such a big raise. I looked at the board again and the only possible hand that could beat my set of 10’s is 7 9. I then said to him “either you’ve got the moral nuts or a total bluff” I finally decided to call and what does he turn over?!? Yep.. 7 9(off).

After losing that hand I was down to 4500 in chips. A few rounds later I picked up QQ’s. This time I raised and got the small blind to call. Flop comes Q 10 3 (rainbow) SB checks, I bet out 1200, SM calls, turn is a 9 (which gives a possible flush and straight draw on board). I bet out out 2000, my opponent called. river’s a 7.. which was almost about the worst card I see, making it a possible straight and flush on board. My opponent announced all-in quickly! I thought to myself.. “Not again”!! I’ve flopped sets three times already and all three times they’ve all gotten cracked. I ended up calling anyways cause the pot was to big to lay down a set and also I wouldn’t have much chips to play with if I were to fold. So pretty much an easy decision there on my part. My opponent turns over AQ.. phew no straight, no flush.. So I doubled up!

My chips were like a yo yo the entire day but I was still in and at about 1am I received a very important family call that needed my attention immediately. I still had a little over 10k on the table. But all those chips were just being blinded away while I was already on the plane flying back to my country Vietnam. I couldn’t thank Alex Dreyfus (my sponsor at ChiliPoker) enough for being so understanding and helping me through those moments when I was really in need for support. I could honestly say that I couldn’t ask for a better site to represent.

I flew back to Vietnam for a couple weeks to pay my last respects to my dad and also got the chance to spend some quality time with my aunt, cousins, and niece. Then on the Sept 8th I flew back to London in time to play the WSOPE. I started the tournament in very good shape. During the second round I happen to bust out John Juanda and was at 43,000. Then when I returned from the second break was when things all started to turn sour. A few starting hands passed and then I happen to pick up AA’s and ran into 10 10’s.. unlucky for me, my opponent flopped a 10 and I double him up. After another round of cards were dealt out, I had 22’s on my big blind. My opponent that was in middle position made a minimum raise so I called. I flopped a set of 22’s on the flop and got the original raiser with the K(c) 5 (c).. unlucky for me again.. he hits the flush right on the turn. So within one round of poker, I went from 43,000 in chips to about 7k.

I played tight and was holding on to my chips for about an hour, then I picked up A 10. I was in middle position so I raised and the big blind calls. The flop did come an ace (? ?) but my opponent called my bet on the flop and caught a straight on the turn. the river was no help for my hand, so that was it… Out The Door I Go!!! 🙂

I’m currently in London and will be playing the EPT London next week on the 25th of Sept. I hope all is well. Until next time everyone. Cheers!

Poker Diva Signs with Chilipoker

Thursday, September 6th, 2007 an exponentially growing online poker room and casino is proud to announce the exclusive partnership of Top Professional poker Diva – Liz Lieu. has signed an exclusive contract with talented, astute and stylish Poker Star – Liz Lieu. Liz being an icon in the poker world brings card-playing expertise to the Chilipoker tables with style, versatility and flair.

According to Alexandre Dreyfus “The partnership between Liz and Chilipoker is the perfect synergy of the aspirational poker lifestyle . Liz fits the concept perfectly. She has a flair for style and has created a unique personal image notwithstanding an aggressive and winning approach at the tables”.

Liz Lieu has secured her stance in the poker world achieving several limit and no-limit hold’em titles and earning over $600,000 in less than two years. Her most recent victory was in the LA Poker Classic last February, winning nothing less than $148,000 and a pledge to donate 20% to charity. Liz is among one of the few most feared high limit cash game player in the Bellagio and Commerce casinos. Her resume is rich of achievements and is considered to be one of the top 2 female poker players in the world.

Founder and CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus states “We are proud to have Liz Lieu as the ambassador of the Chilipoker brand and we are sure that this collaboration will further consolidate our presence in the European and the Asian Markets. We appreciate that Liz has decided to move to London to be closer to our European customer base and we are pleased to communicate to our players that Chilipoker will be organizing regular monthly exclusive tournaments with Liz Lieu. We are flying all the winners to the UK to play with Liz Live in an exclusive tournament that will be broadcasted on various channels”

Chilipoker ambassador Liz Lieu confides “was very careful to find a site that I could work with as a true partner and one that had the same aspirations as myself. ChiliPoker is an ambitious site with exciting plans and also offers a “lifestyle” positioning. I was of course approached by other sites but I like the fact that with Chilipoker I will become an important “face” of the site. Chilipoker are also very supportive of my charity work and also a percentage of my winnings will go to my charities, which is very important to me.”

Liz Lieu will be playing at the WSOPE in London on Monday the 10 th of September. All poker enthusiasts will be able to tune in to follow the poker diva’s experience at the WSOP on “We are very proud to announce such an innovative feature on our site and give both players and guests the chance to experience the WSOP with Liz”. Chilipoker Players should keep an eye on the Chilipoker school, as the poker diva will soon be revealing some of her best kept tips and winning secrets.