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Au Revoir U.S…. Bonjour Europe!

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Big changes, my friends… Big changes in my life!

After a long period of thinking, I’ve finally decided to move to Europe. I still have my condo in Vegas, but I’ve secured an apartment here in London, and I’m in the process of having my clothes and other items shipped over. I arrived here yesterday morning, and I’m trying to get settled in.

Why, London? Sure, I’ve always been in love with Europe, but I have several business opportunities here that will allow me to move my career further into the mainstream world market. The U.S. has so limited with its possibilities since the UIGEA, but poker is booming in Europe and Asia. I’m very excited about everything that is happening in my life, and it’s been awhile since I’ve felt so positive. It’s a little scary to move to an entirely new country, but I’ve spent enough time in London over the past years to know that I’ll love it here.

Let me back up a little. After the WSOP ended, I spent a few weeks preparing for this move. The most important thing on my list was to visit with both of my parents, spend some time with them, and make sure that they’re going to be okay while I’m so far away. Now that I know they’re secure for awhile, I feel better about going across the ocean.

In order to better keep in touch with my friends and fans, I’ve started a new chat page on my website. From my home page (, click on “chat” where you can send messages or comments directly to me, and I monitor it and respond back personally myself. My website is where my blogs are posted, my poker schedules are listed, etc. It’s the best place to keep in touch!

Speaking of my schedule, I have the Ladbrokes Poker Millions VI coming up on August 1st. It’s a $25,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em event at the Sky Studios in Middlesex. There are 72 invited players, and I’m happy to be one of them because Ladbrokes always knows how to put on a fantastic poker tournament! There is a million dollar first prize with extra prize money that Ladbrokes tosses in. This is their sixth year in a row for this tournament, and it’s a good way to kick off more than a month of European events.

Next, I’ll be playing in the PartyPoker Women’s Open tournament with friends like Shannon Elizabeth and Jennifer Tilly. That begins on August 7th and runs through the 10th. It’s a $3,000 no-limit event with a top prize of $50,000. Some of Europe’s top female pros will be there, so it should be fun!

Hopefully, I’ll have some great results to post in the coming days, and I’ll blog more as I get settled in here in good ol’ England. For now, take care of yourselves. Cheers!

The End of My WSOP

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

With the madness of the WSOP finally ending for me, I wanted to write a quick blog to let you know what’s going on with me.

Everything started off really well at this year’s World Series. I even did a great interview with Craig Cunningham from Pokerworks which was a very different type of article—it was much more personal then many of the other poker articles that have been written about me in the past. Here’s where Craig’s article titled “Liz Lieu– A Leak of The Heart” began…

I initially planned on playing all the higher-buy-in no-limit and limit events at the start of the WSOP . Unfortunately I had other business demands that I had to attend to and also my father’s health problem that needed my immediate attention. My family has always been more important than playing poker.

I did cash twice in this year’s WSOP but I didn’t play in many events at all. I played in a total of six events including the Main Event. I was among the chip leaders in two of the events and went quite deep in both events, however as far as reaching a final table at this year’s WSOP it just didn’t work out.

I was honored to be selected among six high profile professionals to be on the Advisory board for The World Poker Store. The other five Pro’s were Patrik Antonius, Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, Marcel Luske and Hoyt Corkins. Here is a press release from The World Poker Store…

I’ve officially been eliminated from the Main Event of the WSOP. Arrrrghhhh!!! It’s never easy to make the money in this event because the field is so large, but I’m still disappointed that I didn’t make it further. As strange as this sounds, I have been playing my “A” game this entire WSOP but I haven’t been able to avoid some unlucky breaks. About 2 hours into the tournament, I got moved to the featured televised table with about 27k in chips. When we all took a dinner break, I was sitting at around 50k in chips. After the dinner break.. I took a few bad beats.. all these beats occurred when the antes were 75 blinds 300-600.

1) I limped in with 22’s in middle position, my opponent two position behind me made a minimum raise, everyone mucks and I call. Flop comes 6 4 3 (off) I bet out 5k, 9 seat moves all in for another 4300, I’m already pot committed and also I put him on A high so I called. He turns over A 5… turn comes a 9(h) and the river comes an “A” for him to double up.

2) I smooth called with 5(h)6(h).. everyone folds.. gets to the SB, he calls, BB checks the option. Flop comes 5(s)6(s)7(s).. both blinds checked, I bet out 3500 (more then what’s in the pot) since that was a scary flop for my hand. SB mucks, BB calls almost instantly, turn comes “A(h), BB checks, I bet out 7k, BB calls, river’s an A(s). (the worst card for my hand). BB bets out 12k.. (there’s no possible hand I could beat besides a bluffed hand). Considering the pot odds on the flop and him calling both my big bets, he’s gotta have a big draw and got there on the river so I mucked. BB then turns over his cards.. He’s got 8(c) 3(h). WOW! and I mean WOW!!! (How he could of possibly make that kind of play considering pot odds on the flop with him having only his BB invested in the pot, calling two large bets, risking a large portion of his chips when he could of possibly been drawing dead… Now that I have No Clue!!)

3) The hand I busted out on… I had 9(s)7(s) in the BB, 1 seat makes a minimum raise, 2 players called behind, get’s to my option I called. Flop comes 9 6 3 .. I bet out 2200, 4 seat raises to 7200, I pushed all in with not much chips left. 4 seat calls. He turns over 66’s a set on the flop. Turn and river were blanks and out the door I go.

So now I’m here in my home trying to avoid the hot Vegas weather and writing this blog. I think it was 105 degrees today as I write this. It is HOT!!! out there.

I do appreciate all of the support from all of my family, friends and fans. I wish I could have played in more events and given myself more opportunities to place higher but as I mentioned earlier, I had some business opportunities and family related health issues that came up which were more important at the time. At one point I left Vegas for more then a week to get away from the craziness of everything going on and went back to CA to spend some quality time with my loved ones. I definitely needed this peace and quiet time… Thats for sure!

So now that the Main Event is over with for me, all I can do is root for my close friends and of course for the other female poker players!! I hope one of the ladies represents this year and brings home the bracelet. I also wish everyone that is still playing in the main event the best of luck!

And as for what is next on my agenda… I’m planning on spending the next couple weeks with my family then off I go again, back to London for awhile to play in a couple of invited televised events. Until next time everyone… Take Care!