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Tournament Experiences At The Borgata/ Poster Updates

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

I know… I know… It’s been over a week since my last blog… oops my bad … BUT I do have a reason… I’ve been working on a project for the last two weeks from morning till night which you all will be able to see very soon. I have sent out over 50 posters to all my friends and fans that have emailed me with their info.. It’s been approximately 5 business days now so you all should be expecting to receive the posters within the next day or two. I have made a decision which might or might not come as a shock to some people. I have decided to donate 100% of my profit earning sales from the posters to 4 of the charities that I have selected which are 1) Helping the unfortunate in Asia, 2) MS Foundation, 3) Make A Wish Foundation, and 4) Baby Hannum (Paul Hannum’s precious angel).

A Note To My Friends and Fans: When you’ve received my posters, I’d appreciate it if you’d drop me a message and let me know what your thoughts are on it… Was it to your satisfaction? Now finally I’m gonna get to the main subject which is POKER!!! I was just at The Borgata and had played in 2 events. The first one was the $2500 no-limit event. I made it about 6 hrs into the tournament before gettin knocked out. During the 6 hrs of play I was moved to a diffent table 3 times… Well the 3rd table change was the brutal one. I sat right down on the big blind and picked up QJ(s) everyone mucked, action gets to the button and he just limps in and calls, small blind also called as well. Now QJ suited could be a raising hand but I checked because it just seems a bit strange why the button would only limp and not raise in that position. Normally players would only play it that way because they’re holding a big hand and wanna slow play it to get the most out of it. And because that was the first hand I played on that table I wasn’t sure what his style of play was like so just to be on the safe side I checked my option. The flop came Q(c) 10(s) 3(c).. small blind checks, I bet out 3500.. the button immediately mucks.. the small blind thinks about it a bit and calls my bet. Turn is a 4(h)…. small blind moves all in… I think for a bit and because the 4 is a blank card and I have played with this player numerous times in a live game I know he would call my bet with a crappy hand. I put him on a flush draw and was making a move so I called his all in bet. He turns over 8(c) 5(c).. so I was correct on my read.. and THE RIVER…. comes a yucky 10(c) which he hit his draw and made a flush. He got me barely covered in chips so out the door I go.

10K Main Event day…I was sat at a table with only 1 real known name which was Phil Laak. I picked up a fairly large amount of chips during the first 3 levels. During level one I picked up a 12k pot with AA’s on my big blind. There were 3 players involved in the hand… The small blind, me, and one middle position limper. I raised 100 when it got to my option and both players called. Flop comes K (rag) (rag). I bet out 600, player in middle position raises to 1200.. small blind mucks… I raised it to 3500 and he calls. Turn comes a blank card but now there a possible flush draw on board. I bet out 5k and he calls.. River comes a Q(d) which makes it 3 diamonds on board with a possible flush and straight draw… It was a bad river card for my hand so I check and he checked. I turned over AA’s and he turned over K 10 so I took the pot down. After the 4th level I couldn’t pick up a hand to play with and just sat patiently and blinded away some of my chips. After about 3 levels later I happen to pick up 88’s… a player in middle position makes a raise and gets to my action I go over the top and raised it to 5k. small blind calls my raised and so did the other player. The flop came 7 5 2 (rainbow)… best possible flop for my hand… The small blind bets out 12k… middle player mucks… I think about it for quite some time and made such a bad decision and called his bet. Turn pairs the 7… He moves all in… And because of my bad call on the flop I basically committed myself to the pot and I only had about 12k left so even though I had a feeling I was beat and should of laid my hand down, I made a dumb mistake again and called. He turned over QQ’s.. the river was no help and out the door again for me… This time it wasn’t because of luck but it was because of the bad play on my part… Until next time everyone…

My Gift To You

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

I have always tried to thank those of you that support and encourage me with all the things I do…poker, business, charities, and life in general and the truth is I feel like I am not doing enough to really show you all my gratitude and appreciation. There are many of you that send me emails and respond to my blogs that I may never get a chance to thank in person and that got me to thinking…(yes, that can be dangerous sometimes) hehe j/k All kidding aside, I have been thinking about what more I can do to show you all how greatful I am for your kind words and inspiring faith. I told you all about something in the last blog I wrote and that has a lot to do with what I came up with. I had such a fabulous time at the Trent Tucker Charity Event but the one thing that did sadden me was when I walked out and was only able to give 2 of my posters away (that was all that I had with me at the time). I was so shocked that so many of you there really wanted them. And like I said, I had to have someone else pick the 2 people to give the ones I had in hand away because I just could not choose between all the people that wanted them. Had I had enough of my posters there…I swear I would have given them to all of you. I was touch beyond words can describe.

So this is what I came up with and this is what I am going to do…(I think this is fair.)

I AM GIVING AWAY 50 OF MY POSTERS FOR FREE!!! If you want a poster…this is what you need to do: (The FIRST 50 PEOPLE to do this WILL get the POSTER OF THEIR CHOICE.) It’s simple…

Go to my CONTACT PAGE and enter your FULL NAME and ADDRESS in the and tell me which Poster you would like. (Please write the name of the Poster–each Poster has one.) THE FIRST 50 NAMES I TAKE WILL BEGIN AT: 8AM TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2006 And that is it! See, I told you it was simple. 😉

Just so you know, I got a chance to sign half of the posters and those will go out randomly. I also know that 50 Posters is not a lot and I’m sorry that I can not give one to each and everyone of you but the truth is, I have a business partner in this that has worked hard and help me a lot and it would not be fair for her. And I’m afraid she would probably strangle me if I gave them all away…lol But I did want to do something that I hope shows you all my deepest gratitude and appreciation–I didn’t want to just say it.

And if you are wondering what is going on with me on the poker front.. Right now I am in Atlantic City trying to relax (but really working) in my hotel room and will be playing in the $2500 No Limit Event later today. Tomorrow I will be playing in the $5000 No Limit Event and then on the 15th is the 10k Main Event which is what I’m really here at The Borgata for. I then am off to ARUBA for more……yes, you guessed it “TOURNAMENTS”.

As always, “See you on the felt and THANK YOU!”

Trent Tucker Knows How To Throw A Charity Event!

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

What a great event! I’m here Minnesota, where I arrived yesterday… BTW, I got no sleep the night before because I was getting my hair done – back to blue! But I was excited about this event, so I was ready to go when I landed. I checked in to the Marquette hotel – I think we’re in downtown Minneapolis – and then I limos and BMW’s came to pick us all up. It was a 45-minute drive to the Canterbury Park Casino, but of course, our driver got lost and took us to the wrong casino! lol We drove around for about ? hour until we finally got to Canterbury Park. Whew – we made it!

We walked the green carpet. Yes, they wanted to do something different and not have the normal red carpet! There were lots of fans there, along with the pro NBA and NFL athletes, and Michael Jordan was the last to arrive – coming in style as usual! After everyone socialized for a bit and had some great appetizers and other food and drink, we sat down to play the charity tournament. Each table had at least one poker pro and one pro athlete, then people who donated $2500 to the charity sat down to play with us. More than 120 people played! It was SO much fun.

Then there was an auction with lots of items, but there were two big things auctioned off. One was a poster of The Trent Tucker Charity Event that was signed by all of the pros and celebrities, and the other was a motorcycle that we all signed, which ended up being bought by Michael Jordan for $50,000! The winner of this charity poker event was…….. uh huh……. Michael Jordon!! Congrats to you MJ.

I also got to see my actual posters that are sold in my store for the first time. It was worth it to put so much time into getting them right because they are great quality! I had six of them with me – three of the swimsuit posters and three of the orange crush posters. I ended up giving four of them away during the tournament, but on my way out with two left, there were over 20 fans asking me for autographs and posters! I was so flattered, but I only had two left! So, I asked a gentleman that was on his way out from the tournament event to choose two people to give the posters to. He turned around and randomly pointed at two guys. LOL!

We left the casino and went to a nightclub called Karma, where the VIP party was held. There was a glass-enclosed VIP area for us, and it was jam-packed!

It was a great time, though! I just have to say that Trent Tucker and his fianc?e were so lovely to me… They made me feel so welcome, and I was so glad that I could help raise money for his charity. There’s nothing better than being able to give money to people who use it to help others, and Trent is definitely one of those people who gives back to kids and the community. The Trent Tucker Non-Profit Organization does great things to inspire youth. His programs, specifically the Trent Tucker Youth Program, give kids self-esteem and self-respect, helps them make positive choices in life, and helps them develop goals for their future. He also organizes after-school programs and activities for grades 6 – 8. The kids are taken on field trips, taught to help each other through rough times, and exposed to career choices and opportunities that will help them as they get older. What a great program! Trent cares so much about his kids and tries to raise money for his organization through events like the one I am attending. Everyone should go to for more info! I’m so inspired by his generosity and everyone who came to this great event!

Today, I overslept a bit, considering I hadn’t slept in two days, and unfortunately missed the car to take us to the golf tournament at Rush Creek Golf Course this morning. (Golfers get up too early!) But I will be ready for the activities this afternoon and tonight, then I’m off to the Borgata tomorrow to play some serious poker!


Sunday, September 3rd, 2006

Recently I was on Bluff Radio with Nick Geber and as we discussed poker, an interesting question came up…Nick asked me if I would like and be interested in picking up a prot?g?. I said, “ It depends on who it is.” He laughs and asked, “What about me?” I had to chuckle at that point and I’ll tell you why. You see, Nick and I have become friends and I’m comfortable with him enough to make jokes at his poker play without him getting upset. So I don’t think he will mind that I am writing this about him…as nice as he is outside of the poker room, Nick is one of those players that you either love or hate seated at your table—no in between. You see, he is known to be a “donkey” in poker. And guess what his favorite hand is… you’ll never guess it…

IT’S 6-2..Oh my…lol… So that is why I had to laugh a little bit when he asked me that question. I thought he might even be joking but he was not. He really wants me to teach him how to play poker. So I thought about it for a minute and told him that I would teach him if he agreed to my terms. I said, “First, NO MORE playing 6-2 (off)—that stops now! (Lol). He said it’s a “Deal.” We have other stuff to work out so I don’t know the exact details yet. But man, am I in for a challenge! hehe

And after the bust out at The Legends, I played in The Paul Hannun Charity Event on Tuesday at the Bike. I arrived there a little late and got seated in a seat that was looking straight at one of Paul’s close-up pictures and when I looked around, I could see all of the memorable pictures of him that was hung everywhere in the room. It was really touching. And although I got knocked out of the tournament quite early—I enjoyed being there and showing my support. It was a wonderful event that was put together with a lot of love, care, and respect. If you would like to read more about The Paul Hannun Charity Event, please go to

Aside from tournament play, I have just been playing the 300-600 games at the Commerce these last couple days. I will be in LA until the 8th and that is when I will fly out to Minneapolis for the Trent Tucker Charity Event—which I’m really looking forward too. My teammates John Phan and Patrik Antonius will also be present as well at this event. You probably won’t hear from me until after I get back from Minneapolis so I hope you all take care and have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day.