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Enjoying The Real World Outside Of Poker / Just Arrived In Stockholm

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

So, I completed my booth hospitality and it was now time to get ready for the big night. I hired a limo (a must in Beverly Hills- right?) and after the appropriate primping we were on our way to the party. When we got there it was typical BH, lots of security, clipboarded guest list, red carpet with lots of paparazzi hoping for just the right shot. But, okay, don’t look for my photo online, because while I like to shop and I enjoy a party, I am really quite camera shy in these settings, believe it or not, and I politely declined walking the red carpet, against my business manager’s prodding and coaching to seize the PR moment. Inside the party was total hip glamour with zebra fur retro furniture settings, huge turquoise lanterns (a rage color this spring according to the fashion mags) and a full size (15-20 foot) ice bar with Roberto Cavalli’s brand etched in the ice and life size vodka bottles on top of which they poured the vodka through a tube into a martini glass below. Great view, great theater, and fun people watching- of course. There were numerous models and Hollywood faces, all in all a fun evening in a beautiful setting- but back to the real world of poker. I also wanted to connect about challenges and my next tournament moves. A number of players have requested Heads Up Matches with me now that the Heads Up Match at the Venetian was such a success and has gotten so much media attention. If you haven’t gotten enough of it yet, pretty much every poker magazine will have coverage in their next issue, so you should have seen it from every angle before it is all over. At any rate, while I appreciate the opportunity to play high stakes heads up matches, this isn’t what I will be focusing on over the upcoming months. Right now, my eyes are on my building my tournament game and results and that will be focused primarily on WPT and WSOP events. Of course, you will see me in the card room playing cash games as well, how can I leave that behind as cash games are an integral part of a professional player’s bankroll stability? I will also be online at Martins Poker of course, so you can find and play with me there. So for all of you who would like to challenge me, I am up for it, just join me online at Martins Poker and I will be there ready to play you.It’s just been too much poker for me lately. After my HU match with Eric123 I decided to skip The Mirage 10k event and take a few days away from poker to go see a special someone in my life and had 3 days of not having to think about anything related to “POKER”. And boy let me tell u that was exactly what I needed!! I had returned to vegas on tuesday and spent the night at Caesars then took an 8 am flight out with Martin and John to Stockholm. We arrived in Stockholm at about 9 am and checked into The Grand Hotel. I received a call at around noon from a Emma (A reporter for The Expressen Newspaper in Stockholm) asking to do an interview with me so we met up at 3 pm. I did the interview and took some photos and then at 5:30 pm Rikard and Daniel swung by the hotel to pick John and I up to go check out Martins card room for the first time. When I got there I was really pleased and comfortable with how the card room was set up. I walked around and said my hellos to everyone I knew and then it was time for the 7 pm satellite for tomorrows main event which I had registered to play in. I made it to the 5th level and got knocked out by Alex (one of my team members) :-). I was in a pretty poopy mood today because of a personal reason so I wasn’t up to doing or going anywhere beside wanting to go back to my hotel room. I will be playing in the Martinspoker Festival Main Event tomorrow which I really feel is going to be a very good tournament. Check back as I will be posting updates throughout the tournament tomorrow or u could go to .