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MartinsPoker Main Event Begins

Thursday, May 18th, 2006

Today is where it begins for some real poker. The tournament was scheduled at 7:00 pm, and I was running really late but luckily I got there mins early (Whew). When I walked into the cardroom it was full of great players, majority of the players were from Europe. I couldn’t even spot 1 (fish) player that was in that room. The tournament ended up with 60 players that entered and the 1st prize was 100k euro. The event will play out 9 players. I was sat in a real action table with Martin on my right and Johnny whom people had said he is also one of the best no limit online players. It was a really tough field. Every player on Team Martins will in action and Martin had announced to everyone that whomever happens to knock out one of Team Martins players will receive 1k euro as a bonus. Unfortunately 4 members of the team got knocked out with six still remaining and will … resume play on Sunday since we had to skip Saturday to attend the K1 Ultimate Challenge Fight where MartinsPoker was the main sponsor. I ended the night with 26,300 in chip, that’s a little below average but it’s still a fair amount of chips to work with when play resumes on Sunday. Check back as I will be giving updates for the entire MartinsPoker Festival Event.

Post Match Excitement- or God Bless the reporters who are trying to tell a story

Monday, May 8th, 2006

Today was a fun day for me… the phones and e-mail messages of congratulations are very nice, so thank you all. The Hendon Mob 1,000+ inquiries this week is a true compliment. Now on the flip side, since this was such a grassroots style of events, I am seeing some things out there that I just want to clarify for all… and this seems like a good place, since this is where people are coming to check out the scoop. So, right from the “diva’s” mouth- if you will, I want to clarify that during Day 3 I was “energized” when Martin came in and joined the match- he had gotten delayed and he is an important person to me. As my online sponsor, yes, Martin was “backing me in the event” but I am getting lots of questions if he was “backing” me in the investment sense of the of the word. Martin had asked for a piece of my action and I granted it based on our close relationship. That is different than backing but it does make someone financially interested in your game. And, for all of you who are asking about what Martin whispered to me, I hate to burst your bubble, but he just asked if I wanted something to eat. Not very glamorous I know, but everyone was asking, so there you go 😉 I will share more as the questions keep coming in, so check back for more inside info… Best- Liz

Victory !!!

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Day 3 Heads Up Event- Final Day – Well this is it folks, the final match. And as Erik and I are at one match a piece I knew it would be an interesting battle. The night started with the chips shifting very evenly between us but in general I was up $30-40,000- then it shifted his direction for a while- up $30-40,000: spectators even said it felt slow. About 2 hours into play, the action started and I got down to $25,000 in chips. While it seemed like the match would soon be over, I maintained my focus and grinded on for about an hour to get back in good shape with my chips. At dinner break, about 10 p.m. I was only up about $20,000, so, close to even. It felt like I really had to work for every hand, and every once in a while the cards were friendly.Seven hours after we started the match, it concluded with my win. I cannot explain to you how excited I was as my Martins Poker team members were there supporting me and cheering my on throughout the event, and now they were there to share the victory. So, all in all- the final count is- Liz 2 vs. Erik (just 1- versus 1-2-3!) Thanks Erik for a challenging match! For specific blog results go to and there will be video footage on beginning Tuesday (yes, tomorrow). Thanks to Mike and the team at Action Television. Also a big thank you to Kathy and the amazing team at the Venetian Poker Room- the room is beautiful, the staff was friendly, and accomodating- they are really focused on creating a great poker experience!

Day Two Recap / Day 2 / Day 1 Continued

Saturday, May 6th, 2006

Well, Day 2 actually turned out to be Day 2 plus the end of Day 1. But, first things first.
Most importantly, I WON!!! And in just two hours believe it or not. Not to gloat, but I was glad to get the first win under my belt to show the strength of my game to the poker room spectators and all the people watching via internet. The match started on time today which was good, the audience built up right away, probably because it was Saturday. I rested up last night after us calling the night at midnight. I was ready to play tonight and the cards were going my way. You can check out hand detail via our own in-house blogger on There will also be a number of recaps of the event in poker magazines- I will keep you posted where. We got a number of good pictures for you to look at, so enjoy those.
Day 1 Continued: was under the gun from the beginning as I was the shorter stack, and Erik seemed to be steaming from his recent, pre-dinner loss to me. Maybe I used all my cards in the first match, but honestly when I think back on the evening, I know I played a stronger game before dinner than after. I defended my position the best I could but he continued to get the cards needed to best me. In a few hours time we were done with the continuation of Day 1 and Erik had beat me- so we are now even with one win each going into Day 3.