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Time For Some Sun And No Poker!

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

I finally found a spot then the girls showed up. We then ordered drinks and I was really surprised none of them wanted any alcohol.. lol… We chatted away how all girls do when they all get together and had a great time. 3 hrs later Patrik and Mikko joined us but by the time they arrived we were about ready to leave. But they had plenty of company whereas Noah and his friends were also at the pool. So the boys all hung out and played chinese poker for 1k a point. By night time the girls wanted to go club hopping since they rarely come to vegas and wanted to check out “ALL” the club scenes happening. I wasn’t into that so I told them just to go without me and I would meet up with them later. Patrik called me up and asked if Ama and I wanted to go to Pure and just relax and chill for a bit and so Patrik, Ama, Mikko, Claus, and I headed to Pure at about midnight. Patrik had gotten a table up top in the balcony so it wasn’t so noisy. Later on David, Noah, and a couple of Noah’s friends showed up. I think we were all bored out of our minds so we all decided to head over to Tryst at the Wynn. It was perfect because that was where all my girls were at. We got there at about 2:30 am and hung out till 3:30 and decided to call it a night. I will probably take the girls to Light tonight since it’s their last night in the Sin City.

Still At The Bellagio Sweating My Team Members!

Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Three of my team members are still in after day 3 so I’m sticking around to give them all my support. Unfortunately on day 4 Michael got knocked out and day 5 Patrik got took a real bad beat and got knocked out in 17th place with the same hand I went out with (AA’s). One of my close friend and also a martins team member Claus Nielsen made it to the final table. (Claus if your reading this I am really happy and proud of you… You played sooo well… U shocked me….that’s for sure 🙂 The entire team all got together for a night out at Light. We all had a blast. I’m now sitting in the audience for the final table sweating Claus. He’s really playing terrific… He just busted Men “the master” so there’s
still 5 more to go.

I’m Ready To Play The 25k Event At Bellagio

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

I’ve been at the Bellagio for over two weeks now but really haven’t done anything exciting. I played in 3 tournaments so far but didn’t get anywhere. I’ve been playing in alot of cash games though. The first week I mainly played the 100-200 no limit games since we couldn’t get a 300-600 or 400-800 limit game going but after the foxwoods tournament ended and everyone starting to fly into vegas there’s been a 400-800 limit holdem game going everyday, so how can i miss out on not playing in my favorite game. The first night I didn’t do well… when the game first started I was winning 12k in about an hour and then everything turned the opposite way… I got AA’s 4 times and got them cracked all 4 times. the last pocket AA’s that got cracked against A 8 offsuit was when I said to myself it’s not my night and quit the game being stuck 18k. The next day I got up around 3 pm… ordered room service then headed out of the Bellagio to go do a voice session for a video game that I will be in which will be out sometime in Sept…After being at the studio recording for about 3 hrs I headed back to Bellagio and got in a 200-400 game… It didn’t take very long until we kicked it up to 300-600… I put in 9 hr session and ended up winning 26k. I”m still waiting for Eric 123 to give me a date on when he wants to play this HU match and then it’ll be a set thing… What I do know and can tell u is that we will play these 3 matches at The Venetian poker room. I will be playing the 25k on the 2nd day which is the 18th. If u want chip counts and updates go to I wish everyone the best of luck as well as myself. 🙂

600k HU Limit Holdem Freezeout Against Eric 123

Monday, April 10th, 2006

Even though I didn’t make it very long in the 5k tournament, my day turned out better then I expected. After getting knocked out I went and sweated John for awhile. He had made it to the final table in the 3k event but sadly he suffered a brutal beat with his pocket 9’s against JQ offsuit and placed 9th. The flop came Q Q 9 ( rainbow ) 3 way action and all 3 players went all-in on the flop… turn was a blank card and of course the river had to come the last brutal Q. I then went to the poker room and started a 3 handed 100-200 no limit game with Eric ( edove) and 1 other player from LA. It didn’t take long until the game filled up as players were getting knocked out of the tournament and Eric was gambling and giving action as usual. Next to sit down was Erin Katz then came Brad, Lee, and a few other players I know by face but I’m horrible with names. After playing the game for about 3 hrs and was up about 14k,, I was involved in a big pot against Erin… It was Erin’s big blind and I picked up two 8’s… I made a raise to a thousand, everyone mucks then Erin calls the 8 hundred raise. The flop comes Q 8 2 .. Erin checks,,, I bet out 1500.. Erin raises to 3200… I reraised to 6600… Erin then moves all in on me, he had about 18k-20k left and I immediately called. Eric then saids to me before turning his cards over…” set over set again” and he was right. Erin had flop 3 deuces and I flopped 3 eights.. I have to say Erin was running cold. After winiing that pot I was now up 37k and decided to quit and headed straight to the Chanel store and bought 2 new purses 🙂 While I was shopping I got a call from Ama asking me to go to dinner with the team at Jasmine at 9:30. During dinner Eric 123 and I had agreed on playing a 3 match 200k HU limit holdem freezeout. 1 match each day. We have’t decided exactly where and when we’re gonna play but it’ll be sometime in the next week or two. I will update it when we decide on the exact date. It will be a live game and not an online thing.

Back To Vegas For A Month

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

I’ve got allot of catching up to do since the Reno Trip which I placed 19th in the main event. It had a great start on day one in this event… I ended the night being the chipleader with 117,200… Here’s a brief update of day 1 [ CLICK HERE ] … And some interviews I did with cardplayer and world poker tour on day 1 [ CLICK HERE ] . I sounded really confident in winning the event but i guess my prediction was wrong (sigh) oh well. Day 2 presumed play at exactly 11:00 am. During the 2nd day my chips were pretty steady. None of the players at my table really gave me any action. I made one mistake during this entire tourn That’s when I picked up poctek JJ’s in iddle position and had raised to 12k… everyone mucks except the big blind. He called my raise and the flop comes out Qc 5c and 3s. The blind checks and I bet out 15k he then check raises me to 40k. and i made a stupid mistake and called his raise, the turn and river came blank cards which doesn’t improve my hand.
But when we finally wrapped up day 2 I was at 335,000 in chips which puts me 4th in chip lead. Now comes the 3rd day which was like a nightmare to me. After the first two rounds had gone by I picked up pocket AA”s on the button and got cracked with 33″s when a 3 came on the river. I got to vegas friday night and what do people normally do once they get to vegas? Hit the clubs 🙂 I met up with Martin, Ama, John, Jean, and Quinn and we all decided to go to Jet Nightclub at the Mirage. First time I’ve been there since it’s been open. It’s a very nice club. We left a little early and when I got back to Bellagio I stopped by the poker room and played the 25-50 no limit game for a little while with David Williams, DJ AM, Shannon Elizabeth… etc… Allot of the celebrities were in town for the Venetian’s poker room grand opening event. I won 3500 so i quit and went to bed. On Sunday I attended the Venetian’s Celebrity Event with some of my team members.. John, Martin, Patrik, and Ama and also my two friends Jean and Quinn. I have to say The Venetian did a great job with their poker room. In my opinion it’s the nicest poker room in vegas right now… very open and upscale. I played in their event but got knocked out really early. I picked up JJ’s and went all in preflop against AK and the flop hit an A. The very next day I got into a very juicy 50-100 no limit with 25 ante game. All action players that were willing to gamble. I sat down in the game and couldn’t win a hand for the first two hrs. Then when I finally picked up a decent hand which was pocket 10″s… Sammy Farhah was to my right he made a raise to 600.. I called and one other caller behind me. The flop comes 10 5 6 (rainbow) Sammy bets out 1500, I raised another 2500, the other caller mucked and Sammy calls.. Turn comes an 8.. Sammy checks and I bet out 5k, he then thinks for a bit and raised 30k which covers me. I thought and thought what he could possibly have and finally I called, Sammy turns over 7 9 for a straight so he took a good 24k from me. At one point I was stuck 40k in the game but the good news is when I finally quit the game at 8am I was on the plus side. 🙂 I didn’t play the first 1500 event but I did play in today’s 2k event and got knocked out 5 hrs into the tourn. That about sums up my entire week, now I’m gonna head downstairs and see if I could start a big holdem game or get in the 50-100 no limit game 🙂 See you all at the tables 🙂 Here are some pics at the reno event, my night out at Jet night club, Venetian’s event…