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First Time In Europe Hi Everyone!

Saturday, March 11th, 2006

Sorry I’ve been kinda lazy this past week on updating my blog 🙁 I’m in Monte Carlo right now. This is my first time traveling to Europe and I have to say it is so beautiful over here. I have recently joined Martin DeKnijff team at I couldn’t ask for a better team to be a part of. I met the entire Martinspoker crew while here in Monte Carlo and everyone was so nice and genuine. I know I am in good hands and will be able to learn and improve my skills tremendously because Martin Team has some of the best players in the world. And like what Daniel Negreanu had said in one of his blogs, Martin is one of the nicest and most honest man anyone could meet. That’s where you’ll be seeing me play online if u ever wanna come and sit join me. I played in the EPT event but got knocked out about 10 hrs into the event. Here is a link to the updates for the EPT event [ Click Here ] Shortly after I got knocked out Martin showed up and unfortunately Patrik got knocked out so they decided to play chinese poker for $1000 a point ( Big gamblers huh ). I will be heading back to LA on the 13th of March.
Here are some photos of breath taking views from my balcony, me playing the EPT event and some of my team members all sitting around and having a fun time chit chatting while playing chinese poker…..

My Trip To San Jose

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

My Trip To San Jose I played in the Bay 101 Shooting Star event but I didn’t last very long. I did pretty well during the first level of play which got me up to 13k in chips. I didn’t pick up any cards to play with during the second level so I lost about 1k in blinds. After the second break I came back and it was my big blind. I picked up J 4 of spades.Two guys limped in and the small blind calls. The flop comes 5c 4c 4h.. I was sitting at the table thinking what a nice flop for my J 4s… the small blind checks, i checked then the guy after me bets out 300, two players behind him mucks, now it’s back to my action I raised it to 900, the original better thinks for a bit then decides to raise 3500 now i’m in trouble, the 3500 he raised really through me off. I thought for awhile and decided to move all in and he calls right away. He turns over pocket 5’s which leaves me with just a one outer which didn’t come on the turn or river. After that hand I lost I was left with just 100 left in chips which doesn’t even cover the big blind. I picked up Jd 9d and ran into AA’s, It couldn’t get any worse the flop came A A rag, I’m drawing dead and bye bye I go. It was pretty sick! After getting knocked out I jumped into the 100-200 limit game I played for about 4 hrs and booked a $7500 win.
My last night in San Jose a bunch of my girlfriends planned a girls night out and I had a blast :-)I will be leaving tomorrow to Monte Carlo to play in the EPT event. Hope to see some of you at the tables. Here are some photos taken during my trip to San Jose……